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After years of touring and selling out stadiums, the Beatles’ first album was released on June 16, 1966, the day before their first ever concert.

It was called ‘One Love’ and was the last Beatles album released on vinyl.

The record sold around 2.7 million copies, making it the highest-selling Beatles album in history.

The album was also the band’s first to be recorded digitally, meaning it was also their first time recorded on tape.

The LP was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, where the band had previously recorded songs and rehearsed with a small band, The Temptations.

The group had also been working on new material for years, which they would later discuss in interviews.

But it was this album that sparked a lot of controversy at the time.

In an interview with the BBC, Paul McCartney said he felt he had to give up music to become a father and was so embarrassed by the experience that he had trouble finding the words to explain why he was making the decision to quit.

He said: ‘It was just too much.

I was thinking, “You know what, this is a terrible idea.

I have no time for this crap.”‘

And then I said to myself, “This is what we’re going to do with this life.”‘

But it just wasn’t the way I was feeling.

I’ve never felt like that before in my life.

‘I had a moment where I thought, “Oh my God.

This is a good idea.

But I just couldn’t think of the words.’

In an attempt to keep things simple, McCartney went to see his father who was a musician and decided to work with the Beatles on a new Beatles album.

Paul McCartney told the BBC: ‘I just felt so stupid, so self-conscious about it.

It wasn’t right.’

So I went to my dad, and I said, “Dad, why don’t you try to make this album?”‘

And he said, “‘Well, I can’t really do that because I’ve been married to my wife for 40 years and she’s got a big job and I can only do one thing at a time.

‘So I can tell you that it’s not going to be good.

”So that’s why I’m going to give it to you.

‘It’s going to feel really good, because you’re going in there and you’re having a conversation with your father.

‘But I’m not going in to do a whole lot of the singing and all the things that are supposed to happen.

‘And then when I came back home and saw my dad I was really excited because I’d never heard him sing.

‘Because he had so much experience singing, and he had a real sense of humour.

‘He said, ‘I’ll go to the studio and you’ll do all the singing, I’ll do the singing.”

So we did it, and then it just blew me away.’

The album also contained a number of songs written by the Beatles that McCartney did not have time to record.

He told the Radio Times that he was not sure if any of the songs were recorded but said that he could not say which ones because he didn’t have the right studio equipment.

He added: ‘The whole album is just a collection of songs, and it doesn’t really exist on the same level of quality as the recordings I’d made in the studio.

‘If you don’t know the songs, you can’t understand the whole album.’

The Beatles were a massive success in the United States and the album was a hit in the UK.

But there were some critics who were less forgiving of the album.

They criticised the band for the way they made it look like a simple record.

‘There’s nothing to it.

And when I say nothing to nothing, it sounds like a joke, which is really unfair,’ Paul McCartney was quoted as saying in the Rolling Stone magazine.

The Beatles would go on to record a number more albums, including their final album, ‘A Day in the Life’.

They were also featured on the film ‘It Takes a Village’, which was released in 1976.

They would have their final show at Wembley Stadium in London on January 31, 2019.