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What is your favorite album from Beyonce?

Beyonces recent album “No Surprises” was a smash, and now it’s getting a follow-up.

“No Surprise” will be released on February 22, 2017.

BeyonCE fans are excited to hear the news.

Beyonce fans, are you excited for the release of “NoSurprises”?

Are you excited to get a new Bey on your turntable?

BeyONCE has been making music since 1989.

They were formed by former members of BeyOnce, including Jeffery Dessner, Dan Boulger, and Sean Tull.

BeYonces music is influenced by the indie rock scene, hip-hop, funk, and more.

Beyoce has also been featured in MTV’s “We Got This,” “Top Gear,” “The Daily Show,” and “The View.”

Beyonnce’s debut album, “Nosurprises” is out now.