When Tupac Shakur died: What we know and what we don’t know August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

Tupac, the greatest rapper to ever live, has been laid to rest in a New York City cemetery.

The artist was shot in the head on April 6, 1996 by LAPD officer Darren Wilson as he was walking in a residential neighbourhood in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office ruled Tupac’s death a homicide, but it later emerged that he was killed by an off-duty police officer, Officer Jeronimo Yanez.

It was revealed in September that the LAPD had a lengthy investigation into Yanezes death, but that the force had been slow to disclose any evidence.

Since the announcement of Yanezos death, more than 1,500 police shootings have been recorded, with more than 200 people killed.

Tupac’s son, Tupac Jr, said the public had a right to know what happened to the rapper’s body.

“We’re here for you and we want to know.

We want the truth to come out,” he told a rally on Saturday.

Tit for tat, Tupackas family members said they want justice for their father.

“He’s one of our most loved and most cherished members.

The truth of his death has not come out because the LAPD’s unwillingness to come forward has hurt his family and the people he loved the most,” Tupac Sr told the crowd.

Tillerson also announced the signing of rapper Lil B, who released a statement on Monday saying he was “deeply saddened and saddened” by the death of his father.