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Pink albums are a kind of collection of albums released by the music industry and released on the Pink Floyd label.

The albums are usually black and white, often featuring a pink cover.

Pink albums are often the subject of controversy and the subject matter of music videos.

They can be quite expensive, ranging from as low as $10 (£7) for a cassette album to upwards of $500 (£400).

In 2018, the Pink Albums Database began tracking a new Pink album in the US.

On Monday, Pink Album Sales reported that the first Pink album, The White Album, sold more than 5.3 million copies worldwide in February 2019.

In 2016, Pink album sales reached a record high of 10 million copies, but peaked at only 7 million copies.

However, the albums sales have declined since then.

There were 5,500 albums released on Pink Floyd’s album label between 2006 and 2019, according to the Pink album database, which collects all Pink Floyd albums.

According to Pink Album sales, Pink Floyd released 4,700 albums during that period.

Some of those albums were not considered Pink albums by the Pink label.

These albums include The Day the Earth Stood Still (2001), The Day The Earth Stared Down (2005), The End of Days (2003), The Dark Side of the Moon (1999), and The Wall (2005).

The other 4,000 Pink albums were also not considered albums by Pink.

They include the band’s self-titled debut, the band members The Edge of the World (2009), The Endless River (2010), The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (2013), The Wall of Sound (2013) and The Piper in the Sky (2015).

Aerosmith’s album, Airs of Aryan War, is considered Pink, but not a Pink album.

Aerosmith’s first album, Aerosmith, was released in 2008.

It is a collection of Aerosheimer’s singles, the best of which is Aeroshem’s “Ride the Lightning”.

A lot of the tracks on Aeroshelter were released as singles and have since been released on albums and on compilations.

Although Aeroshears albums are not classified as Pink albums, they have been certified Pink albums in Australia.

If you have a Pink Album, you can visit the Pink albums database to find out what it is and what it doesn’t have.

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