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Reporter: The Grateful Dads album series.

The Dead’s first two albums were all songs that the band wrote in their living room, on their couch.

We played live every night of the year.

We would write a song and we would write the vocals and the bass.

They would then go back and record the song and record it again.

And we would rehearse it.

And then, of course, they would play the live show, and then they would go back to the studio, which was like a studio, with a bunch of microphones and microphones on a stand.

Reporter of the Year: But the Dead had a lot of music in their bedroom, including a new album called Happy Trails.

And this was the album where they released a number of songs from that album.

It was called Happy Travels, and it was a tour album that the Dead toured with.

And it was released in April 1977.

I can’t imagine what the tour had in store for us.

But when we got on the road, we did very well.

We were touring with the Grateful Dead, and we had a great time.

And by the end of the tour, we were playing some shows with the Dead.

And I remember one time that we were touring in the middle of the desert.

And there was this little little boy sitting in front of me.

And he was like, “Mommy, can you hear me?”

And I’m like, Oh my God, Mommy, I’m so glad you asked.

And Mommy was like: “Yeah, it’s the Dead.”

Reporter: It was a very difficult year.

And the Dead released the Grateful Trails album, a little-seen album of their live shows.

It had a few of the songs from Happy Trails, but it was the most difficult Grateful Dead album ever.

Reporter : They would play some Grateful Dead shows at their homes, with their families, and they would take a little break and then come back for more.

The tour that the Grateful Daddies recorded was called the Grateful Travels, but they played a lot more shows with other bands that were doing live shows with them.

And that’s what really inspired us to write the album.

Reporter(archival): We were going to put all these songs that were recorded at our homes, and maybe sing them to each other in the living room and play them live and then we would come back.

Reporter:(archival) So we had some songs that we didn’t want to play live.

So we put them into a kind of Dead studio that had a recording studio and we’d put a recording session that would go on for two hours, and the recording session would start on the night before the Dead play the show.

And they’d play it live and it would be recorded at the studio.

And so we would put these songs, and at the end, they’d put out an album of the whole tour.

And all of these songs we had recorded at home, we put into this little studio where we would record a live version of the show and put out a live album.

And at the time, we weren’t doing much touring, and there were just so many tours that we did.

So it was kind of like an experiment, because the Dead didn’t really want to record live, so they put these tracks in a little studio that was a little different from the studio that they were using in New York.

And a lot different from their living rooms.

Reporter.(archival, off camera): So we didn.

We didn’t have a studio like this in New Jersey.

Reporter, with camera: It had all these sound stages, it had all this different sounds, it was very, very noisy.


Reporter at end of recording: They were all just recording in this little room that had no light.

Reporter with camera and microphone: It’s just like, there was no sound, you know, no bass, no piano, no guitar.

Reporter (archival and camera): There was no microphone in there?

Reporter(off camera): No, there wasn’t.

Reporter and microphone at end(archive): So, what’s the big deal about that?

It’s kind of the same thing that we always talk about, where we always have the same questions and we’re always doing the same experiments and we don’t know what the end result will be.

Reporter.: What we didn�t know was that this is a lot like what you would hear in a studio where there was sound.

Reporter reporter at end: So it’s kind for the record.

Reporter Reporter: They put all their songs in a big studio, and on the album, there are all of the tracks that they recorded in their home.

And on this album, the Dead recorded all