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The film series Red and the White Albums has seen the introduction of a new album titled The Myth Of The Police.

It’s an album that, as you’ll soon discover, has no real connection to the film, though it is a continuation of some of the stories told in the series.

While it’s a new title for The Myth, it is indeed an old one, the story of a young black man who is accused of killing an elderly white woman and then trying to kill himself, a story that’s been re-told many times in the films.

“The Myth of The Police” was a hit in 1997 with a million copies of the film being sold, and fans of the series have become well-acquainted with the mythos and the themes that go with it.

However, it’s the Red album that has taken the most attention.

The album is being marketed as a continuation or sequel to the films Red, The White, and The Law, but the new album will instead be a completely different story.

The Red album is about a young man named Joe who is charged with the murder of his wife and daughter and ends up confessing to his crimes.

He then ends up on the run for three months until he’s caught.

There are some elements of the story that we know and the music is also very similar, but The MythOfThePolice will be different in many ways.

The mythosThe MythOf The Police is a mythology-based album that deals with a number of themes that are present in Red, White, And The Law.

The Myth Of the Police has elements of a classic mythos that have been retold in other films, such as the battle between the gods and the demon Karkat in the film.

In The Mythof The Police, the gods are a large group of demons, while Karkot is the demon that rules over the underworld.

As the story goes, when the Gods come down to earth and find a woman named Mary who was raped by a male demon, they become so enraged that they start to burn everything they own.

When the man tries to stop them, he falls into a deep slumber and his daughter Mary is the only one who can save him.

However, when she awakens, the men are gone.

The story of Joe and Mary is told in a way that fits the mythology of the films very well.

This is a case of the mythic forces fighting for control over a human, and Joe is the person that is the most powerless to do anything about it.

While the myth of the woman’s rape was told to the audience through the music, the myths of the men who were caught are told in lyrics.

There’s a verse from “Red”, which refers to “the demon who rules over this underworld”, and a verse in the form of a song, “White”, that is about “a young man who has killed a young woman and now wants to kill herself”.

The story also takes place on a night in the summertime and is told from Joe’s perspective, as he goes back to sleep to protect his daughter.

He’s also seen wearing the clothes he was seen wearing at the time of the rape.

The mythologyAs Joe is shown as a victim of the Gods, it would be easy to think that he’s going through a lot, but he’s actually suffering from a mental illness.

He believes he’s suffering from PTSD, which is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

When he wakes up, he is in a hospital bed.

He has no recollection of what happened the night before and thinks he’s killed someone.

When the Red Album is released, the album title is “The Myth”, and the album artwork depicts a black man in his twenties, with a white woman beside him.

The lyrics are “You know, when I’m in a good mood, I’m the only person who’s left to me.

But when I go into a bad mood, my life gets a little dark”.

It’s important to understand that the Red and White albums are not the same story.

In Red, the main characters are white and the main antagonist is a white man, while the Myth OfthePolice is about Joe, Mary, and their daughter.

However the myth is still very relevant to the series, especially for fans of The Myth.

The album title and artworkThe MythofThePolice is currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and SoundCloud.