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How to create a glass album cover

Glass album covers are often used for albums in which the artwork was created in a traditional way.But, if you don’t have the time to spend time creating your own, here’s how you can create one yourself.

When The Beatles released their White Album

Posted March 15, 2019 07:01:25After four decades of touring, the Beatles white album is finally coming out.A digital release is scheduled for April 14.The album contains some of the most controversial songs in their catalog.One of them, the song ”The End Of The Road” was originally written as a hit for a rock group called…

How To Use Instagram to Promote Your Own Album: Ariana Grande

Be the first to know.Sign up for our newsletter.More articles by the author: What is an Instagram post?How to use Instagram to promote your own album?Ariel Pink and Ariana Grande cover the covers of their albums on May 19, 2016.This is how you promote your album on Instagram, using a different cover art than your…

Billie Eilish: ‘I’m Not a D-List’ on Bega Eilishes Album

In what is clearly a sign of his frustration with his status as a D list artist, Billie is reportedly being considered to be an early candidate for a Bega album.He is currently the only artist on the current Billboard Top 100.The new album by EilISH is scheduled for release on August 10.

How to track down the best covers of your favorite albums 2020

This is an archive article and the information in it is current as of April 2019.Please visit the archives for the most up-to-date information.

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