Prince and Selena Gomez album cover ‘sexy’ July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021 admin

When Prince and his pop music team unveiled their new album cover for Selena, the album cover wasn’t necessarily the most flattering depiction of the pop star’s character.

The cover depicts the singer with the caption, “With the Queen and the Prince, you can always be sure of your own sexyness.”

But the cover also included an image of Prince and the Queen together.

On Saturday, the cover will go on sale as an exclusive on and other retailers.

The album cover includes images of Prince, Queen and Queen of Diamonds and a woman in a bikini with Prince’s name written across her chest.

The image features Prince’s voice in the background, and a small caption that reads “This is how you can count on Selena.”

In a statement to Billboard, the Prince and Queen Entertainment Group said the cover “offers a glimpse of the true Selena,” and that “the Queen is a special person with a very special story.”

The album is scheduled to hit stores in late September.