Kanye West, David Bowie and the Rise of Rush album covers September 20, 2021 September 20, 2021 admin

Rush albums have always been a source of controversy, but Kanye West and David Bowie may have just taken their own hits.

Sources at the magazine say the three-part cover for Rush’s 1991 album The Next Day is among those removed from the album.

It features two images of the cover itself and appears to have been created for the album cover of Rush’s 1977 album The Wall.

The magazine says the image has now been removed.

It was reported by The New Yorker in 2015 that the album was removed for being “not a tribute to the artists, but a tribute of the industry as a whole”.

Rush has been the subject of numerous controversies.

In February 2016, Kanye West tweeted that he had no problem with the cover being removed from The Next Side of Me because he didn’t think it represented the album in any way.

The following month, he criticised the cover as a “shocking example of an album that should never have been”.

In November 2016, the band released their first album in 14 years.

In 2017, Rush released a second album, The Rise of the Tombstone, which they described as a departure from the band’s previous work.

The Rise of The Tombstone featured an original cover featuring the three band members.