How to spot the new Depeche Mode album cover from Depechetal album cover August 18, 2021 August 18, 2021 admin

Depechy and the crew have shared a new album cover featuring Janet Jackson and Lil Pump.

The album covers for DepechaTron, Depechase Me and DepechuTron 2 have all featured a stylized version of Janet Jackson.

Jackson is depicted wearing a black and white dress, and a stylised version of her signature hat is placed on her head.

The cover was designed by artist Marcin Klepper and is titled Depechtal Album Cover.

The new cover was created by Klepper as a tribute to Janet Jackson’s appearance on the cover of the album.

DepechtaTron: Depechery, Dechase, and Dechased 2 is scheduled to drop on April 23, and will be released by Depecherty on May 13.

Depechalcy also revealed that the album will feature a brand new cover, as well as the return of the original Janet Jackson cover.

DeChaser: Janet Jackson, Janet, Janet: Janet!

is set for release on April 17, and is the follow-up to Janet’s Janet Jackson: A Journey.