How to Play ‘Kanye West’ for the First Time November 2, 2021 November 2, 2021 admin

New rap album cover designs have been the hottest trend on the internet, and the Kanye West album cover has been getting a lot of attention.

Now, artist Selena Gomez has teamed up with rapper Drake to recreate the cover on the new album, “Good Life,” for the first time.

According to Billboard, the artist and rapper are collaborating on a cover that will feature Selena wearing a gold hoop earring on the cover, while Drake is sporting a gold necklace with a gold chain.

“This is an all-over black & gold design that features Selena as a goddess and Drake as a king,” Selena captioned the new cover on Instagram, along with a picture of the two.

The cover features Selina wearing a golden hoop ear ring and a chain around her neck with a diamond studs.

The diamond stud is the same one used by the goddess of love, Selena, on the album cover for “The Beautiful Ones.”

Drake and Selena have been collaborating on covers for the last couple of years, and Drake even released a video for Selena’s cover for his “Tough Love” single.