How to Make Your Own Weezer Blue Album Cover for Your Own Record Label July 7, 2021 July 7, 2021 admin

Weezers Blonde and Pink Albums are the latest to receive a special edition cover from Blonde Records.

Blonde has put out a pair of limited edition Blue Albums with different cover art, and each one comes with a blank canvas and a note to the artist.

The two new releases are titled “Weezer’s Blonde” and “Weozer Pink,” both of which feature the band in the same pose, but with a different cover.

The Blonde Blue Album, available exclusively for purchase at record stores, features a photo of the band’s frontman Bryce Dessner on the cover.

Weezers Pink Album, on the other hand, features Bryce Dessen in the middle of a photograph of the singer and guitarist Travis Barker, along with a letter from the band explaining the cover’s origins.

The original Blue Album cover features the band members in the pose of a blonde girl and a white guy, with the words “Pink Album” written on the back.

The new cover is slightly different from the original Blue.

Instead of Bryce Dessaner and Travis Barker in the blonde pose, the two are now in the white pose, with “Pink” written over them.

The two new albums will both be available on Blonde’s website and Blonde Music’s website.

Blond has previously released several limited edition Blonde album covers.

In February, the band released “We Got The Best” featuring singer-guitarist Kevin Abstract.