How to make a Spotify playlist justin brober album 2: The black album 2 August 27, 2021 August 27, 2021 admin

This playlist just in, for those of you wondering: This is just in case you’re curious about justin, as well as the black album, which was released on February 14, 2017, to mixed reviews.

“The album is not a perfect album, but I really like the new direction it’s taking,” one person commented on Spotify.

Another said, “I like the sound of the album but it doesn’t make me want to listen to it every day.

I’ve listened to it a lot and it’s just not for me.”

That said, the music is just as good as the album, and the tracklist is just what it sounds like, right down to the track “No Love” and the title track.

In short, this is just a great listen to some of the best music from the Black Album 2.

Spotify playlist The playlist includes all songs from the album plus a bunch of other great tracks, from The Beatles to Pink Floyd.

“I don’t really care for the album,” one of our readers wrote.

“It’s not the greatest, but it’s not bad.”

Another said the playlist was “not bad” but said he would not buy the album.

“No love is a great song and it makes the album even better,” said another.

“You just have to listen and it’ll be great,” wrote another.