How the beatles second album ‘Kpop Smoke’ is a ‘great success’ July 6, 2021 July 6, 2021 admin

The beatles third album, “Kpop Beatles,” debuted Friday in China, earning more than 20 million views on its first day of streaming.

The album is the first to feature the group as members of the K-pop group, and features the group performing together.

The first four songs from the album, which includes “You Know You Like Me,” “I’m Not Afraid” and “The Way,” were released in October and November.

The group performed live on Nov. 12 at the Shanghai International Music Festival and the Chinese Internet Radio Music Awards in Beijing.

It’s the first time the group has performed live in China.

A video of the group’s performance at the China Internet Radio Awards on Nov 12 was released on the group members’ official website.

The video includes the group wearing colorful costumes and performing at the awards ceremony, and shows the group dancing to their music.

The video was posted by the group in English, Chinese and Korean.

“We really appreciate everyone’s support,” the group said on its official website in English.

“Thank you so much for watching our performance.”

K-pop fans, who are accustomed to seeing the group perform live, have been eagerly awaiting the group to perform live.

The group debuted in China on Nov 6, when they released the music video for the song “My Name is Justin.”

It was their first performance outside of the United States.

After the group performed at the International Internet Radio Festival in Shanghai, they released a video that showcased the members in their traditional Chinese costumes.

They performed at a Shanghai subway station on Nov 11 and performed on the same platform the next day.

On Friday, the group recorded a new track, “Luv You,” for the second album.

Kpop group members Yoona, Song Joong-hyeok and Ji Suk-hoon are also set to debut on the first album of the album.

It will be released on Dec. 11.

The news about the Kpop Beatle album’s release was first reported by the People’s Daily Online on Dec 1.

The story said that the group plans to perform at the Chinese Electronic Music Awards on Dec 3 and the Shanghai Internet Radio Musical Awards on Jan. 6.