How do you write an album cover? – chrisbrown August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

How do we write an entire album cover that doesn’t look like an album?

The answer is the same as it always has been.

That’s where we’ve always found the balance between style and function.

It’s something that we’ve been very conscious of as a band, and the reason for this is we’ve come up with an approach to music that is both pleasing to the eye and that’s also accessible to everybody.

“It’s not about trying to go for the most appealing look, but it’s about making music that’s pleasing to everybody.”

As we’ve said before, if you’re in a band that’s trying to have a certain look and feel, you need to find the balance of being able to write an honest song that has a certain feeling and a certain vibe and that has that feel, but not so much that it looks like an entire music album.

If you’ve ever looked at an album artwork and thought, “I could do that”, that’s what we want to do with our cover for Glass album.

It just gives the album the right feel to it, but at the same time not detract from the original album.

The fact that we’re not doing an entire sleeve that’s like a mini-album is just a way of making sure that we do that as well.

I guess I’d have to say that’s our primary goal, to do a cover that is like an actual album, with the artwork and the cover being like an audio recording.

It really isn’t about the cover at all, and it doesn’t have to be a giant giant piece of art.

It could be just a single image that fits onto a page.

The album cover itself is just something that sits on a piece of paper that we could use as an album.

But for the music itself, I think that’s really the focus, so we really try to think about that first.

How does that cover fit into a band’s identity?

For me personally, I’ve always wanted to write a cover with my own signature.

I’ve never wanted to do anything that’s so obvious and so obvious to people that they’ll think, “Wow, that’s me”.

I want it to be something that they will recognise.

And if I do write something that I really want to say, that will have a little bit of a personal element to it.

But if it’s something we do as a group, I will always go for a song that I’m very comfortable writing.

So I’m not really going for a one-off song, because then I might think that I’ve already written it, or maybe I’ve heard it, and I might not want to listen to it again.

I’d like to get on with writing the song.

And I think one of the main reasons why I do that is because I think we’re really good at writing songs.

We really have an amazing rapport with each other and we’ve got a lot of confidence in each other.

We know exactly what the album is going to sound like, and we know exactly how we’re going to do that.

And that gives us a lot more freedom in terms of what we can write on that album, because there’s not a lot that we can do about the music on that one.

So we can say, “Well, we’re writing a song, and there’s no way we can change that, because that’s a song we’re about to play live,” but we can also say, “‘Cause we’re gonna play that song live.

We’re gonna do that live.

This is what we’re all about.”

That’s one of my biggest passions.

I’m always looking to make a record that I can enjoy listening to, so when we do write music, we want it that way.

I want to be able to listen and see how that record evolves over the course of the years.

If there’s one thing that has come out of my time with Glass is that we never wanted it to sound the same twice.

I think it’s a very interesting album.

I can’t think of any other record that would be the same, because it has so many different aspects.

It might sound like an old school rock album, but I think you could tell it’s very much a new era of metal.

It feels very fresh.

It has so much new elements.

It seems very cohesive, and that seems to be one of our main aims with this album.

We have to work very hard to make it feel as cohesive as possible, but we also want it not to sound stale.

I don’t think that people have ever really listened to an album that they were just going to sit back and say, ‘Oh, this is so fucking good’.

It’s not going to feel like an empty record.

So that’s one reason we don’t want to write songs