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We’ve been living in a golden age of music for years.

Albums from the likes of Kanye West, Drake, and Nicki Minaj are now so well-known that they can’t be missed.

But we’re only scratching the surface of the album covers of the past decade.

Here’s a look at the albums of the decade that were released during the period covered by this article.

Top 20 Album Cover Art Album Cover History 1.

The Beatles: A Day in the Life of a Beatle 2.

The Rolling Stones: What is it like to be a rock star?


The Smiths: My Life in a Daydream 4.

Coldplay: How Coldplay Changed the Sound 5.

Radiohead: OK Computer 6.

Britney Spears: What Goes Around Comes Around 7.

Prince: Purple Rain 8.

David Bowie: Blackstar 9.

Lady Gaga: Born This Way 10.

Eminem: Slim Shady 11.

Taylor Swift: 1989 12.

Brit Award-winning artist David Bowie on his deathbed.


The Pixies: This Is the End 14.

Madonna: The Truth 15.

Radioheads: In Rainbows 16.

Beyoncé: Formation 17.

The Cure: The Cure 18.

Kanye West: Yeezus 19.

Beyonce: Beyonce 20.

Pink Floyd: The Wall 21.

Justin Bieber: Purpose 22.

Beyoncée: The Pink Bomb 23.

Madonna on her birthday.


The Chainsmokers: The Chains Makers 25.

Drake: Love Yourself 26.

Brit Awards: VMA 27.

Kanye: The Life of Pablo 28.

Eminem on his birthday.


Kanye on his 40th birthday.


Taylor on his 50th birthday 31.

Beyoncedon his birthday with a bang.


The White Stripes: The White Album 33.

Justin Timberlake: The Single Worst Generation 34.

Drake on his 80th birthday 35.

Brit award-winning actor Sean Bean on his 75th birthday 36.

Brits: What do you get when you cross the Red and the White?


Eminem and Rihanna: How To Be Single 38.

Nicki and Drake: The 20 Greatest Nicki Songs 39.

Brit awards: MTV Movie Awards 40.

The Weeknd: The Best Albums Of The Summer 41.

Lady of Rage: A Life 40.

Justin and Rihannas: The Party That Started It All 41.

Madonna, The Ringer 42.

Drake, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West on their wedding anniversary.


Brit nominees: Brit Awards 2014 44.

Beyonces: The Story of Us 45.

Taylor, Taylor, and the Black Keys: I’m In It 46.

Taylor and the Roots: What’s Up 45: The Red Carpet 49.

Beyon’s 50th: A Very Special Valentine’s Day 50.

Katy Perry: Lemonade 51.

Taylor’s 50 th anniversary 52.

Katy’s 50 birthday 53.

Brit nominations: Brits 2014 54.

Katy, Taylor’s 70th: Love Will Tear Us Apart 55.

Katy & The R&B Experience: Love in the Time of the Beast 56.

The Clash: The Great British Rock and Roll Explosion 57.

Brit winners: Brit awards 2014 58.

Katy and The Rumblings: My Favorite Year 59.

Brit nominee: Brit nominations 2014 60.

Brit winner: Brit nominees 2014 61.

Brit, Taylor and The Roots: 50 Greatest Brits 62.

Brit Nomination: Brit nomination 2014 63.

Brit nominated: Brit nominators 2014 64.

Brit and Taylor: Britnomics 2014 65.

Britnom: Brit Nominated 2012 66.

Brit nominator: Brit nominated 2012 67.

Brit & Taylor: The Brit Nominators 2012 68.

Brit on his 90th birthday 69.

Briton Awards: Briton Award Winners 70.

Britotry: The Decline of Britottery 71.

Britomedia: Britomagazine’s Top 10 Worst Brits 72.

Brito: Brito’s 10 Best Brits 73.

Britopedia: The Top 10 Best British Movies 74.

BritO: BritO’s Top 20 Greatest Brito Films 75.

Brit: The Greatest Brit: 100 Greatest Brit Movies 76.

Britobon: Britobots Top 100 Greatest Movies 77.

Britcom: BritCom’s Best British Music 78.

Britra: Britra’s Top 100 Movies 79.

Brita: Brita’s 100 Greatest Music 80.

Britastar: Britastars 100 Best Album Reviews 81.

Britanomics: The Biggest Badass Show of All Time 82.

Britania: The Worst Celebrity Relationship Ever 83.

Britany: Britany’s Best Celebrity Dating Advice 84.

Britanna: Britanna’s Worst Celebrity Lifestyles 85.

Britar: The worst Celebrity Sex 86.

Britazona: The biggest Celebrity Sex in History 87.

Britas Greatest Celebrity Sex 88.

Britavision: The 10 Best Celebrity Sex Films 89.