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Bruno, who is the head of the New York-based label, announced the release of his latest album, “All The Things You Do,” via his Instagram account on Monday.

The album features collaborations with artists including Kanye West, Drake, Rihanna, Chance the Rapper and others, and includes a cover of the song “Totally” by Bruno Mars, a cover from the upcoming album “Bruno Mars: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and a cover art that features a silhouette of Bruno.

Bruno’s first album as head of Bröto Mars, which he launched in 2011, featured collaborations with hip-hop acts including Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Future, Rick Ross and more.

Brötos last album, 2016’s “No One Like You,” was nominated for a Grammy and was released on Dec. 21, 2017.

“All the Things You Don’t Know,” Bröttos latest effort, will release on Dec, 21.

Brunk, who was born Bruno Jose Santos, was a member of Queensbridge High School’s jazz band before joining Brötn, who had previously produced music with a number of artists including Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and more, before he began working for Bröten and Mars.

Brütt, who currently resides in Los Angeles, is a member the band of the hip-hoppy duo The Mamas and the Papas.

He is also a member and co-founder of The Fond Family, a band whose members include Future, Kanye West and Jay Z. He also has two albums under his belt, a collaboration with Kanye West titled “Gold Digger” and a collaboration between West and the rapper Tyga titled “Blessings.”

His newest project, “Bruno Mars: All The Things I Do,” will be released on Feb. 3.

The tracklist for the album features appearances from Future, Rihannas Drake, Chance, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and many others.

The music video for “All of The Things you Do” was directed by Bruno’s brother, Jose Santos Brüten.

The video was produced by “Fond Family” artist and cofounder Tyga, and features appearances by Chance the Rhymes, Rick Röttgen, Rihella, Rihana and more and will be available to watch on YouTube.

Brøtos latest album was originally released in 2016 and was followed by a second set of singles in 2017, titled “Gangsta Style” and “I Don’t Want To Get Old.”

In 2018, Bröta Mars debuted his latest project, titled, “I Need You.”

The project featured collaborations from Kanye West as well as Rihanna and Drake.

Brätt also has a new EP due out later this year titled “Songs” which will be out on March 2. Follow Brötonos latest music career in the video below.

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