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Google Photo Albums have become a staple in the lives of many Canadians.

But when you look at the covers that have adorned the covers of the likes of Queen, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Smiths, you can see the band is no stranger to the art form.

In a time when pop music has been dominated by the electronic and digital worlds, artists have always had a need to capture the essence of their work.

In the ’80s, the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover was an amalgamation of the pop paintings that were popular in their time and the cover art from their albums The White Album and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The cover art for the album covers of The Smith, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles was also an amalgam of popular pop art styles.

But in the ’90s, pop artists began to embrace the digital medium and incorporate a cover of the Beatles song, Hey Jude.

The cover art has continued to evolve since the ’70s.

The artwork of the band’s cover for the song Hey Jude, which was featured on the cover of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club album, is a striking contrast to the modernist cover art that the band used for their album cover for Hey Jude from 1971.

In fact, in many ways, the image of the cover was a throwback to the era when the Beatles first made the album cover.

In the early ’80, the cover for Sgt. Pierce’s album Sgt. P. was created using an illustration by George Moll.

The album cover used on the Sgt. Pete album cover had the band members standing in front of a large painting of a red rock, surrounded by the words, “Red Rock Road,” as well as the words “Pierce and the Beatles.”

In the late ’80 and early ’90, artists like the Rolling Stone, The Smith and The Stones began to incorporate covers of popular music songs into their albums.

In their early works, the covers used on their albums included songs like, “Hey Jude,” “Takin’ Care of Business” and “Tutti Frutti.”

In 2006, the band also debuted a cover for their 1972 album The Beatles Christmas album, with the cover featuring the Beatles singing the lyrics to “Hello, Dolly!”

The cover featured the band standing in a field with a tree and flowers on it.

In 2005, the pop art cover for The Smith & Jones Christmas album featured the Beatles standing in the middle of a field and writing “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

In the late 1980s, The Doors released the cover “The Good Life,” which featured the four members of The Beatles.

The modern cover art of the Rolling Thunder album cover featured a red, white and blue ballerina dressed in a traditional European dress with a white hat, white shirt and red bowtie.

In 2011, The Eagles released a cover featuring an image of Queen performing her hit song, “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” in the foreground, with an illustration of a man in a red hat, red tie and a white shirt.

The images that pop culture has seen in the cover paintings of artists like The Beatles, The Stones, Rolling Stones or The Eagles has always been the same: a young woman in a European dress holding hands with a man holding a white tee-shirt.

The art of cover art is very much influenced by the music and the artist.

It is also influenced by pop culture.

When an artist is involved in a cover painting, they have an important part in the history of the artist, and that history is often reflected in the art that they use to tell the story.

For example, when George Harrison created cover art and illustrations for The Beatles album covers in 1971, they included covers of Queen and Sgt Pepper’s.

This was a change from the previous covers that had featured the Queen and Pete Campbell.

In 2008, the group released their album, Sgt. Rock, which featured a cover art by David Bowie featuring the cover image of King Crimson.

Bowie was also involved in creating cover art on Queen albums like The Red Album.

The covers of pop artists, like The Rolling Thunder, have always been a reflection of the artists in the group.

In 1976, Prince wrote the cover to The Beatles’ “Let’s Dance.”

The cover depicted a young girl dancing in front the group, with a red dress, red hat and a red bow tie.

In 1979, Queen released a new album cover with the Beatles in it.

The covers of Prince and the Smiths featured the same girl, but in the reverse order, with Queen first, then The Smith.

In 2005, The Avalanches released their cover art to The Smith’s album, Good To Be Good.

In 2007, The Beach Boys released a remix of The Beach Boy’s song “Can’t Hold Us” with the same